Sorvall LYNX 4000 Superspeed Centrifuge Sorvall LYNX 4000 Superspeed...

Sorvall LYNX 4000 Superspeed Centrifuge Sorvall LYNX 4000 Superspeed...
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Sorvall LYNX 4000 Superspeed Centrifuge
Perform high-speed separations simply in shared lab settings with the Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ LYNX 4000 superspeed centrifuge with 4L capacity and performance up to 68,905 x g. Advanced rotor innovations including Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange, Thermo Scientific™ Auto-ID™ instant rotor identification and lightweight and durable Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors that shorten run set-up time and increase rotor security. For real-time run monitoring and control via a smart device, download the Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Vue™ application. From academic research to bioproduction, support your high performance separations and evolving application needs:
  • Exceptional performance up to 68,905 x g and up to 4L capacity
  • Shortened run set-up time and increased rotor security with rotor innovations
    • Quickly and securely change rotors and applications in as little as 3 seconds with push-button Auto-Lock rotor exchange
    • Auto-ID instant rotor identification automatically loads rotor specifications into centrifuge parameters
  • Choose from 16 optional rotors to find the ideal fit for your application, supporting labware from microplates, to microtubes, to 1L bottles:
    • Lightweight Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors with corrosion- and fatigue-resistance secure the rotor's structural integrity, backed by a 15-year warranty
    • Swinging bucket rotors for versatility and expanded capacity at high RCF with dozens of adapters for research flexibility
    • Complete fixed angle rotor portfolio for commonly used 50mL, 50mL conical, 250mL, 500mL and 1L tubes and bottles with specialty rotor options to address specific protocol requirements
  • Centri-Touch touchscreen interface with bright, highly visible, and durable display simplifies run set-up while providing on-board training and access controls, such as user login with password protection
  • Download the Centri-Vue application for real-time run monitoring and control of 1 or up to 100 centrifuges from your mobile device
  • Advanced technology for resource efficiency including energy use options
  • Compact, non-bolt down design, automatic door opening, and an integrated surface work space optimize everyday centrifuge use
  • Compliant with global standards and designed to assist with GMP/GLP data management

  • Fassungsvermögen: 4 x 1000mL
  • Max. RZB: 68,905 x g
  • Gekühlt: Yes
  • Höhe außen (angloamerikanisch): 36.6 in.
  • Länge außen (angloamerikanisch): 31.7 in.
  • Geräuschpegel: <59dBA
  • Breite außen (angloamerikanisch): 27.6 in.
  • Beschleunigungs-/Bremsprofile: 9 Accel, 10 Decel
  • Kontinuierlicher Durchflussbetrieb: No
  • Tiefe (angloamerikanisch): 31.7 in.
  • Tiefe (metrisch): 805mm
  • Bezeichnung: Sorvall LYNX 4000 Superspeed Centrifuge
  • Antriebssystem: High torque brushless motor
  • Umweltfreundliche Technik: Green Mode
  • Andere Funktionen: Multilingual Selection, Rotor Calculator, On-Board Training Videos, User Logging, User Lock-Out, Automatic Door Opening, Rotor Speed Handle
  • Laufzeit: 99 hours, hold
  • Power: 380–400V, 50/60Hz, 16 A, 3-phase
  • Garantie: Unit: 1 yr., Drive: 3 yrs., Refrigeration: 5 yrs
  • Elektrische Anforderungen: 380–400V, 50/60Hz, 16A, 3-phase
  • Produktlinie: Thermo Scientific Sorvall
  • Zertifizierungen/Konformität: CE, ROHS, WEEE
  • Steuerungstyp: Touchscreen Interface
  • Abmessungen (H/B/T): 36.6 x 27.6 x 31.7 in. (93.0 x 70.0 x 80.5cm)
  • Typ: Superspeed centrifuge
  • Program Storage: 120 programs with alpha-numeric naming
  • Standards: IEC 61010-2-020 2nd Ed. or later
  • Temperaturbereich: -10° to +40°C
(-) Technische Daten:
Länge: 805 mm
Maximale Drehzahl: 24 min-1
Breite: 700 mm
Höhe: 930 mm