Anotop 10 Syringe Filter Plus, 0,1µm with Glass Microfibre prefilter 50/pk

Anotop 10 Syringe Filter Plus, 0,1µm with Glass Microfibre prefilter 50/pk
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Anotop 10 Syringe Filter Plus, 0.1 µm, with glass microfiber prefilter Non-Sterile Anotop Plus syringe filters are a universal solution for numerous filtration applications, with the added benefit of an integral glass microfiber prefilter. Inorganic membrane. Capillary pore structure. Low protein binding. Integral glass microfiber prefilter. Anotop filters can be used with most organic solvents and aqueous materials and are suitable for sample volumes up to 100 ml. The distinctive hexagonal housing is manufactured from pigment-free polypropylene to eliminate sample contamination. No wetting agents or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process. Anotop Syringe filters contain the proprietary alumina-based Anopore membrane and are supplied in three pore sizes. Glass microfiber prefilter versions are available for difficult-to-filter samples. This unit is designed to enable difficult and hard-to-filter solutions to be filtered without adversely affecting the filtration efficiency of the final membrane. This can eliminate the need for sample clean-up or expensive and time-consuming sequential filtration.
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